William Matthew – Philippines Piano and Math Champion

William Matthew – Philippines Piano and Math Champion

What did you do?

I was recognized as the overall champion in this year’s Piano Teachers’ Guild of the Philippines (PTGP) Competition for Category A.

I was also awarded Best Contest Piece in the competition.

Meanwhile, April 9-12, 2019, I battled Math aces from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao for mathematical excellence.

I spent sleepless nights dealing with mindboggling Math problems in algebra, number theory, logical reasoning, probability, and geometry, to mention a few, during the 2019
Young Mathematicians In-House Intensive Training Program (YMIITP).

The verdict of the training awarded me as MTG WHIZKID QUALIFIER.

I gracefully conquered both Math and piano challenges in just a 2-day interval, on April 7 the PTGP Competition and on April 9-12 the MTG In-House Intensive Training.
I am currently undergoing the 2019 Mathematical Olympiad Summer Training Program (MOSTP) in preparation for the different international Math competitions abroad.

What organization recognized the achievement?

The Piano Teachers’ Guild of the Philippines (PTGP) and the Math Trainers’ Guild, Philippines (MTG) recognized my achievement in piano and Math, respectively.

How did homeschooling help you achieve your goal?

Homeschooling has always been of great help to me in achieving my goals.

Having a 4-hour academic schedule leaves me ample time to do other extra-curricular activities in line with my field of interests like attending piano classes, studying advance Math, doing computer animations, and coding.

Moreover, the flexible schedule in homeschooling helps me focus more and prepare better for every piano and Math competition in which I participate.

What inspired you to get involved?

Among the fields of interests, I am into, there is something mysterious in Math and music that I’ve always been fascinated with. The notes in the piano pieces that I play seem to speak in a language that Mathematics understands.

I totally agree with Pythagoras when he said, “There is geometry in the humming of the strings. There is music in the spaces of the spheres.”

Why is it important to you?

I consider these achievements, as well as all of my other performances, as important milestones in the accomplishment of my dreams.

The photos were taken at Canyon Woods Resort Club, Batangas, Philippines during the awarding ceremony and at St. Paul University, Manila, Philippines during the PTGP Winners’ Concert.