Bill & John Accepted into Inaugural Session of West VA’s Governor’s School of Entrepreneurship

Bill & John Accepted into Inaugural Session of West VA’s Governor’s School of Entrepreneurship

We were accepted into the inaugural session of the West Virginia Governor’s School of Entrepreneurship (GSE) this summer at Marshall University.

GSE is for high school students currently in ninth through eleventh grades.

Over three weeks, young innovators learn how to create a scalable business model based on market feedback – and then have the opportunity to pitch and start the business.

We will learn from expert teachers and entrepreneurs how to set up, develop business plans, raise venture capital, and sell our business or product ideas.

What organization/entity recognized the achievement?

The West Virginia Governor’s Schools and the WV Department of Education and the Arts – in a joint venture with Marshall University and the Lewis College of Business – are the organizers of GSE.

The competitive application process included a video that the applicant submitted with an innovate business idea that could be started for less than $1000. The applicant had to record a ONE MINUTE video of themselves pitching the idea.

The pitch included a description of the problem being solved, the product or service, possible target markets, and estimated return-on-investment.

How did homeschooling help you achieve your goal?

Our Seton study of American history this year gave us an appreciation of some of the innovators that made this country great.

We want to pursue the American Dream by working with other young entrepreneurs and learning from the experts.

What are your interests?

Some of Bill/John’s interests are: golf, ice hockey, and running our family lawn mowing business.

What are you inspired to do with your life?

Bill: I would like to run my own business someday. I plan to study business (marketing) in college.

John: I would like to develop/program various applications for phones/technology. I plan to study engineering in college.

What are your favorite subjects and why?

Bill (11th grade): My favorite subjects are business and history.

John (9th grade): May favorite subjects are math and history.