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Here we encourage currently enrolled and graduated Seton students to share your achievements, successes, and stories, and get to know other Seton students from around the world.

Each of these achievements are recognized by individuals or organizations that may or may not be affiliated with Seton. We are happy to pass on the news and share them with the rest of the community to inspire and encourage each other, and to see what other Seton families are up to.

Let’s encourage each other on this homeschooling journey!

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About Seton Home Study School

For more than 30 years, Seton Home Study School has developed a reputation for devotion to the Catholic Faith and high levels of academic excellence. We are a full-service program for grades Pre-K through 12, built around the needs of individual students and families. These two quotes sum up our philosophy here at Seton.

“Parents are the first and the most important educators of their own children, and they also possess a fundamental competence in this area; they are educators because they are parents.” Blessed John Paul II

“Adjust the program to fit the child, not the child to fit the program.” Dr Mary Kay Clark

The students and families enrolled with Seton have the unique opportunity to partake of the fullness of Catholic truth as they experience the beauty, freedom, and peace that comes from Catholic moral and academic formation in a family setting.

Visit us at www.setonhome.org for Enrollment opportunities and more information.

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