Shiloh Earns Coveted Winston Churchill Award for Reciting ‘Horatius’

Shiloh Earns Coveted Winston Churchill Award for Reciting ‘Horatius’

What did you do?

In March 2015, I studied and memorized all of the 70 stanzas/ 589 lines of the poem Horatius at the Bridge by Thomas Babington Macaulay as I also was studying the book “The Famous Men of Rome” side by side with Latina Christiana I.

Then, in June 22, 2015, my family and I traveled to Highlands Latin School at Louisville, KY to deliver/recite the poem in the presence of Mrs. Cheryl Lowe, Founder and Director of Highlands Latin School and Memoria Press.

What organization recognized the achievement?

“At Highlands Latin School, our sixth graders study Horatius at the Bridge in the winter term and are challenged to memorize the whole poem (70 stanzas). Students who accomplish this remarkable feat receive the coveted ‘Winston Churchill Award’ at the Closing School Ceremony.” – Cheryl Lowe, Founder, Highlands Latin School

On their website, it is stated further, “And now your homeschooler can earn the same award! You can purchase the medal and pin in a set with the book or individually. Send us a recording of your students reciting the poem, and we’ll send them a Winston Churchill Award certificate to present with the medal.”

However, we did not send a video or purchase the medal and lapel pin. Instead, I recited the poem right before Mrs. Cheryl Lowe and Mr. Jason Borah, the Assistant Principal. They took a  video of my performance in one of the classrooms at Highlands Latin School.

Mrs. C. Lowe commented, “What perfect! What a remarkable achievement! That is just stunning!” And I was interviewed by her about my techniques and strategies on studying and memorizing the poem. She wrote on my Horatius book, “To Shiloh, a boy with a brave heart like Horatius, congratulations!”

How did homeschooling help you achieve your goal?

With the flexible homeschooling schedule and my quiet admiration on the heroic actions of Horatius Cocles who I deemed far more sensible and real than Superman or Batman, I was able to study and memorize the poem with great courage and challenge to recite it in front of just about anyone who would want to listen to it.

What are your interests?

Much of my time, I spend by reading, doing some art works of my own like drawing and painting different kinds of insects that are helpful for the environment, researching words I don’t understand through my iPad, and playing and doing P.E. with my younger sister in the backyard.

I love everything about Science and Religion so much that I want to become an entomologist first, and then, continue my studies to become a priest.

What are you inspired to do with your life?

My family is the main reason why I study well.

God loves me so much that He gave me this family where I learned and continue to learn about Christian love, prayer, simplicity of life, and how to solve word problems in Math, and even my own problems sometimes.

What are your favorite subjects?

My favorite subjects are Religion, Mathematics, English, Arts and Science.