As Lord Lieutenant Cadet, Élodie Serves on Royal Visit

As Lord Lieutenant Cadet, Élodie Serves on Royal Visit


My name is Élodie, I’m the eldest of 5 British/French children living in the UK. I guess I should tell ya’all a little ’bout myself before I continue…

Other than being the eldest, I am 17 years old, a Royal Academy of Dance Grade 8 student in ballet, a Cadet Sergeant (pinnacle rank) of Royal Marines Cadets, National Champion (only in the Sea Cadets Corps) of the UK in senior single females sliding seat rowing for 2018, amazing at not being able to play the saxophone (though I’d love to learn one day), super-duper horrifically and embarrassingly rubbish at math, and, most importantly, completely bonkers for eating cheese and tomatoes.


My achievement is that, as Lord Lieutenant Cadet for Bedfordshire 2019, I managed to meet Her Royal Highness Princess Anne (HM Elizabeth II’s daughter) one fine Tuesday morning. It was in a local town near where I live, when she came to visit a council centre which she happens to be the patron of.

Other than having to open the car door for her, myself as well as another Lord Lieutenant Cadet from St. John’s Ambulance, had the pleasure of being present when she visited. In fact, she was so busy that day, that as soon as the cake had been cut, book signed, and speech given, she was whisked off in a royal helicopter back to the palace in London for lunch.

I feel very grateful that I was chosen to be Lord Lieutenant Cadet this year, and having the honour to meet such important members of the royal family. I cannot thank everybody who chose me to have the role enough, and I hope that my time in this important role will inspire younger cadets.

Homeschooling helped me achieve this by the flexibility it has allowed me to not only take the morning off to meet the Princess Royal, but it also has enabled me to go away on specific courses to achieve qualifications and have time to revise in order to reach certain the highest rank. I am so very grateful.

As I’ve mentioned before, my worst subject is most definitely math… *giggles in shame*. But, I do love English and history. Science is up in my favourites too.

When I am older, I aim to go into the military as soon as I can. Hopefully, if it all works out, I will be a Royal Air Force policewoman. If not, I will aim even higher and attempt to be one of the first women to be in the Royal Marines Commando. My plan B, though, is to be a Dinghy Instructor. I love sailing!

In the photo are HRH Princess Royal, Mrs. Helen Nellis, the Lord Lieutenant for Bedforshire and myself. Photo Credit: June Russell.