Ave Maria National Homeschool Scholarship Awarded to Elise

Ave Maria National Homeschool Scholarship Awarded to Elise

Elise received the National Homeschool Scholarship for Ave Maria University!

Through hard work with her academics, dedication to volunteer work at a local hospice, perseverance in extra-curricular, and faith in God’s care, Elise was eligible for the $5000 National Homeschool Scholarship to help lower her tuition for Ave Maria University.

Without Seton Homeschooling, her faith and Catholic knowledge would not have developed enough to inspire her need for Catholic education. Additionally, Seton’s renown as the best Catholic homeschooling program in America helped Elise achieve this necessary step toward a thoroughly Catholic institution for the next stage of her education.

Elise plans to major in nursing and minor in music, and eventually complete graduate school with a Master’s Degree in Nursing. With a solid Catholic education in nursing, she hopes to reintroduce vocational nursing in religious sisters and provide Catholic medical care for America.

Additionally, Elise hopes to start a non-profit organization dedicated to spreading awareness and giving faith-based support to those who suffer from mental illness. Next, she hopes to continue her care for the elderly and dying in faith-based hospice care, giving the elderly the love and dignity of which they are worthy.

Finally, she wishes to further the pro-life cause with her education as a Catholic nurse, and with the help of God, renew the belief that the unborn possess the same inherent dignity of any person in society.

Thank you to Seton Home Study School for making this possible!