Martha Wins First Place in Violin Competition

Martha Wins First Place in Violin Competition

On May 6, 2017, I participated in Music Fest Northwest and I played a violin solo called Czardas by Vitto Monti.

I won first place amongst eight other competitors and scored a 98, there being only a four point difference between me and the lowest scoring competitor.

What organization recognized the achievement?

A Music Fest Northwest division chairman and adjudicator recognized my achievement.

How did homeschooling help you achieve your goal? Homeschooling helped me to achieve this goal by allowing me to practice, as well as to be flexible for lesson times.

What are your interests?

My interests include drawing, reading, studying medicinal herbs, and raising pigs.

What are you inspired to do with your life?

I am inspired to become a naturopath and help others heal themselves naturally.

What are your favorite subjects and why?

My favorite subjects are science, specifically biology, and history because science helps me to better understand the human body and history lets me explore the past.