Phoenix – Basketball Skills Course Winner

Phoenix – Basketball Skills Course Winner

What did you do?

I won an award at the Phoenix Footprint Center for being a Skills Course Winner for girls 13-15 years old.

What organization recognized the achievement?

Jr. Suns Basketball League recognized my achievement. I practiced at Pecos Park.

How did homeschooling help you achieve your goal?

Homeschooling helped me achieve my goal by giving me enough time to practice basketball whenever I needed the extra practice.

What are your interests?

I’m really invested in basketball, gaming, poetry, and swimming.

What are you inspired to do with your life?

I plan to attend a Catholic high school, participate in many school clubs, and get a scholarship at ASU. I plan to become a lawyer or pediatrician. If those don’t work out, I’ll probably look into becoming a professional basketball player or swimmer. Someday I hope to be a mother and have a happy Catholic family. I want to be able to support myself and possibly my future family financially, physically, and spiritually.

My favorite subjects are math and science. It’s easier for me and a fun topic at times.

The photo was taken at Phoenix Footprint Center, Phoenix, Arizona. That’s my family with me in the center holding the certificate.