Warren, Emily, Mackenzie Confirmed in the Old Rite

Warren, Emily, Mackenzie Confirmed in the Old Rite

How did homeschooling help you achieve your goal?

Homeschooling allowed us to teach and learn the Baltimore Catechism at home, to two different grades!

It allowed us the time needed to refresh or learn, without having to drive anywhere or sit in a class. Homeschooling also helped us branch out and include our Latin Mass community and homeschool group and the time to attend the meetings that were required for this.

What are your interests?

Warren: Teaching my younger brother to serve the LM, drawing, singing, and video games on Saturday.

Emily: Fishing, hiking in the woods, and reading.

Mackenzie: Riding bikes, playing piano, and writing.

What are you inspired to do with your life?

Warren: To be a Scientist.

Emily: Just trying to finish grade school at the moment.

Mackenzie: To be a mother.

What are your favorite subjects and why?

Warren: Science! Because I love learning scientific words and the complexities of the chapters make me love to learn more, and it also helps me feel smarter than my sisters.

Emily: History because I love to read and love to learn things from the past.

Mackenzie: English, because I like to spend time with my grandmother who comes and teaches us English, and picking apart the sentences which are fun to do, like puzzles!

The photos were taken at St Joseph’s Parish, Middletown NY.

In Warren’s photo, L-R, are his sponsor Father Sean Connolly, Bishop Colacicco, and Warren. In Emily’s photo are Emily, Bishop Colacicco, and her sponsor and cousin Catherine Gallant. In Mackenzie’s photo are Mackenzie, Bishop Colacicco, and her sponsor, aunt and fellow Seton mom, Mary Seeley.