Mark Receives Appointment to U. S. Air Force Academy

Mark Receives Appointment to U. S. Air Force Academy

My father is an officer in the Air Force on active duty and Seton has provided me flexibility and continuity in my education during our moves around the country. My mother is also an Air Force Reserve officer. When I start at the Air Force academy on 25 June, all four members of our family will be affiliated with the United States Air Force!

Interests: My main interest is long distance running. I run approximately 50 miles a week and enjoy participating in Cross Country and Track.

Inspiration to Apply to the Academy: I was inspired initially through summer athletic camps I attended at the Air Force Academy. When my brother, Paul (also a Seton Home Study student from 2nd to 8th grade) received an Appointment and began college at the Air Force Academy in 2013, I began to seriously consider the school myself.

I discovered that the Air Force Academy offers phenomenal experiences, a solid education, world class facilities in an environment that helps cadets focus on academics, and is located in a beautiful geographic location. They also have a very strong Catholic community, which was very important to me and my parents.

Favorite Subject: My favorite subject is Anatomy. I hope to major in Biology and eventually work in some area of the health professions or nutrition & fitness.

Homeschooling Duration: I started homeschooling with Seton Home Study in 1st grade and have been a Seton student ever since. I take classes at a local high school and also at a local university, and I can attest to the quality of the Seton curriculum. My mother always says that Seton has been a blessing for our family.