Ingrid Wins Several Awards at Kentucky State Fair

Ingrid Wins Several Awards at Kentucky State Fair

Hi, my name is Ingrid and I am a freshman in Seton.

I enjoy sewing and crafting, along with playing piano and singing in my youth choir.

After a disappointing year at the Kentucky State Fair in 2015, I decided to give it another try this August. I was shocked and delighted to find that I earned ribbons on all five of my entries!

The first four ribbons were: fourth place on a dress, second place on a skirt, another second place on a pair of pajamas, and first place on a drawstring bag (crocheted)! Though I was very satisfied with those results, I really took pride in the last item.

After spending around $120 on materials and 3 1/2 months in work, I made myself the Fairy Godmother’s dress from 2015’s Cinderella film (I was inspired by another homeschooling friend who sewed herself Cinderella’s gown).

Although I used a pattern, some parts (especially the sleeves) were quite difficult. But all that hard work paid off when I went to the fair and saw pinned to it a blue ribbon and a large “Best Junior Entry” rosette!

One final note is that I am quite thankful that I have been homeschooled. Since sewing is almost a lost art and the modern world is so busy and hectic, I may never have even developed an interest in sewing had I gone to public school!

Due to this blessing of homeschooling I have had the time and encouragement I needed to develop the interests I now have in sewing and fashion.