Matty on Little Big Shots and David Pomeranz Concert

Matty on Little Big Shots and David Pomeranz Concert

How did homeschooling help you achieve your goal?

The 4-hour academic schedule, except for Math though, helped me to manage and achieve my goals for this school year. I have had all the time to develop the skills I targeted to accomplish.

I also believe that having smart plans and envisioning how you want your future to be, setting what specific objectives you want to undertake now and in the future helps you achieve your goals. It helps to magnify your vision and see clearly all the things you need to work on along the way.

Homeschooling has really helped me grow and has given meaningful learning life experiences at home, my studies, TV exposures, concerts and competitions.


Some of those life experiences include an appearance on the TV show Little Big Shots and as a Front Act for a David Pomeranz concert. My Front Act included classical pieces and Christmas songs.

What are your interests?

My interests include piano, programming, golf, playing Minecraft, and solving math problems. I also like reading books, playing chess, watching movies. baking, and chatting with friends.

What are you inspired to do with your life?

I’m inspired to bring a power of hope and the promise of a better world. I believe the world needs us to become Agents of Change so that we can spread positivity and make a meaningful difference in this world. We all have the power to make an impact.

If I can develop my skills especially in math, science, and programming, then perhaps I can develop complex algorithms and do advanced scientific research. Thiscould help create solutions to one of the most complex issues we are facing today, Climate Change, and of course, other real world problems.

What are your favorite subjects and why?

My favorite subjects are math, science, music, and religion.

The subject I consider as my most favorite would be math because I don’t need to memorize anything and it is fun for me. It’s like a mystery that needs to be solved. The subject isn’t boring at all and I find it really engaging and interesting. That’s why it’s my favorite.

I love science too. Like math, it’s like a mystery that needs to be discovered and solved. The subject is fun too. It is used to find cures for diseases. Doctors and scientists use math and science to create medicines and I believe the subjects go hand in hand and that math is the language of science. Both subjects are needed and used all around the world. That’s why math and science are essential to me.

Another subject I love is music because I love playing the piano. In music, we can express our emotions through playing an instrument and not necessarily saying the words. Playing the piano lets me pour my heart and soul into it and express all the music I hear in my head. It’s a way of self-expression. Music also helps me develop my imagination and creativity. And you know, when I play the piano, it’s like I don’t have to worry about anything. I get to enjoy the music.

Last but not the least is religion. I love the fact that Seton integrates religion into our academic study because it helps me expand my knowledge about history, culture and about God. It helps us find deeper meaning and understanding of God’s love and creation and provide opportunities for personal development and growth.

In the photo, that’s my Mom and me with David Pomeranz, during a break from the rehearsal for his concert.