Abigail is Focused and Inspired to Program

Abigail is Focused and Inspired to Program

I felt God brought me to pursuing my entrepreneur goal in programming.

I started online programming at Whitehat Jr. this year and was granted a scholarship to continue my course. I have learned coding in game development, cellular phone program application, and received certification for game development.

Whitehat Jr. Top projects are based on three key attributes–Concept Implementation, Code Blueprint, and Project Design. My project was awarded distinction amongst 38,000 entries received from more than 130,000 students globally.

Homeschooling lead my Mom to research about how I can focus on my goal at an early stage. She had watched an Elon Musk video that explained that the school system’s goal is now mainly to create a worker or employee instead of an inventor or entrepreneur. Elon Musk pointed out that we can focus on our early-stage goals without a university degree.

I am inspired to help others through my programming by working with humanitarian services.

I am humbly surprised with God’s gift that I never knew that I had and I will continue following His guidance.

They sent my certificates to my house and that is where the photo was taken.