Christopher Achieves Marimba Goal at State Festival

Christopher Achieves Marimba Goal at State Festival

Last year at the State Solo/Ensemble Festival, I played a simple two-mallet solo on the Marimba and received a rating of 89/100. My goal was to improve and get at least a rating of 90 or more.

I was inspired to improve by playing a four-mallet Marimba solo (two Marimba mallets on each hand). I would go to band class early in the morning and stay after class to practice since band was the only subject that involved me going to the public school.

Since I had a flexible homeschooling schedule, I had the time to take Marimba lessons every Thursday and practice at home. I also have my own Marimba, which I saved up for and purchased!

With all that time spent practicing and preparing, I achieved a high score of 93 out of 100 at the 2024 Michigan School Band and Orchestra Association State Solo/Ensemble Festival!

Playing the Marimba is one of my favorite hobbies during my free time.

I am still deciding on my career choice, but I would definitely spend more time learning Marimba solos.

My favorite subject is band because I love to spend time playing my favorite instruments and am willing to challenge myself with more difficult pieces.

The photo was taken at Portage Northern High School in Portage, Michigan.