Fiona Finds Volunteers to Help Her Community

Fiona Finds Volunteers to Help Her Community

Nueva Ecija, Philippines – July 16, 2022 Families unable to conduct online classes for their children during the pandemic were forced to postpone their children’s education.

With this issue in mind, Seton Homeschooler, Fiona Marie Ferrer, with the ‘Sulong Kinabukasan’ Organization, conducted the “Ang pagkwento ng pag-asa para sa bata” The Story of Hope for the Child project. The project aims to help the children strengthen their academic ties and provide further knowledge about higher education.

The Seton Homeschooler could not have done this alone. Luckily with the help of the kind volunteers who were as willing and passionate as Ms. Ferrer in the hopes of helping the children of Talavera, they accomplished their goals of strengthening the children’s ties to the academic system. Throughout the day, the volunteers gave away school supplies from the kind donations of the people of Nueva Ecija. They had given not only school supplies but were able to feed the children throughout the day as well.

After the day concluded and with their goals achieved, Ms. Ferrer thanked the volunteers and donors through social media as she had not believed they would be able to gather the funds and the people to accomplish the project.

We also asked Ms. Ferrer how Seton Home Study School helped her in the project. “Throughout my time in Seton, I have been given enough time and a flexible schedule to handle my school work. I was able to volunteer in my community without sacrificing my grades, and I was able to show how Seton has helped me become an example to students and children to be closer to God. Seton has allowed me to do good things for themselves and the people around them.”