Jordana Invited to Black Belt Training Program

Jordana Invited to Black Belt Training Program

What did you do?

Jordana is five years old, is currently in the first grade, and has been participating in Karate for one year. Her instructors were extremely pleased with how fast she has progressed through their Little Dragons Program.

They recently invited her to participate in their Black Belt Training Program, as well as to move up to the next grade level program.

The Black Belt Training Program is a 3-year commitment training program that will help her earn a black belt in Karate. Her instructor even stated that he can see her in the ring one day competing.

What organization recognized the achievement?

Seigler Karate Center in Augusta, GA (Governed by the American Kempo Association)

How did homeschooling help you achieve your goal?

Homeschooling has provided her the maturity, disciple, and perseverance she needs in Karate. Because of homeschooling, she can train frequently at home, sometimes in-between her lessons.

Even with the most recent “stay-at-home” orders, her schedule has not been affected all. Her Karate classes have been modified into an online format, so her training never ceased and she continues to show progress.

What are your interests?

In addition to Karate, Jordana also attends weekly swim classes. Although, due to the “stay-at-home” orders her classes have been suspended, beginning next week classes are resuming once again.

Before the “stay-at-home” orders, our family enjoyed visiting National Parks. Jordana enjoys participating in the Park’s “Junior Ranger” programs which are designed to educate kids about the importance of preserving our national treasures.

Homeschooling has given us the flexibility to do this throughout the years and we plan on getting that started again when it is safe.

What are you inspired to do with your life?

Jordana stated that she would love to one day be a doctor just like her father. She would also love to be a part of the Olympic team in either Karate or swimming.

What are your favorite subjects and why?

She stated that she loves all her subjects. She seems to enjoy her English, Phonics, Reading, and Comprehension lessons the most.