Knights Award Brendan Cash, Certificate in Poster Contest

Knights Award Brendan Cash, Certificate in Poster Contest

I received a money award and certificate for winning the Knights of Columbus “Keeping Christ in Christmas” poster contest. I won at the local and district levels and my poster was submitted to the national level contest.

Because I home school, I am able to volunteer monthly at a local food pantry. Homeschooling also allows me more time to pursue my art projects and take independent art classes with a local, nationally-recognized illustrator.

I used Lego Digital Designer to create the food pantry scene for the poster and then Adobe Creative Cloud to write the title on it and print it out poster-sized.

My interests are art, digital design, video gaming, drumming, running, tennis, swimming and playing with my cat and dog.

I am inspired to do something with my life that is a combination of art and technical. I am writing and illustrating a book about an alien galaxy that I want to turn into a video game one day.

My favorite subjects are art and science because I like to create things and I like knowing how mechanical and natural things work.

The photo was taken at my house around Easter shortly after I received the award.