Liam Proudly Graduates from Sea Cadet Boot Camp

Liam Proudly Graduates from Sea Cadet Boot Camp

I recently graduated from boot camp for the Sea Cadet program, an organization that gives the cadet a taste of what real military life is like. One could try to compare it to the Civil Air Patrol, or Boy Scouts, but it is really more than both of these programs, as I have learned.

Once you are in, you get to wear the official Navy Uniform, one thing that only the Sea Cadet program is allowed to do, and go to drills and training all over the U.S. You can train to be a professional diver, get flight lesson’s and a pilot’s license, or be taught by the best medics in the whole military on medical procedures.

You can promote, receive ribbons and medals, and have the chance to lead a whole squadron of cadets under you. You build unbreakable friendships, meet true heroes of the armed forces, and find yourself becoming a more whole person. If you want to go into any military branch, this is the way to go.

I have to thank Seton for my achievement as well. Without my flexible homeschooling schedule, I would not have been able to complete the rigorous coursework while still having time for social life. Thank you Seton Homeschooling!

As I said, if you want to go military, the Sea Cadets is the path to success. Ever dream of being accepted to the Naval Academy, or joining ROTC? Well, over 10% of the persons accepted into the Academy are sea cadets, out of the tens of thousands who apply. This fuels my interest in the military. Also, I am very STEM and computer-oriented, so I am looking to go to a training that will be STEM related, and found there are lots out there.

I am currently in ninth grade, and my favorite subjects are science and English. I think that the Seton courses make both much more interesting, especially because before I was homeschooled I really struggled with English.

Lastly, about the photo. I am the one in the white dress uniform, with the ugly black neckerchief :).

Around me is my family, who I am deeply appreciative of because they drove all the way down to the Marine Corps Base at Quantico, Virginia to watch my graduation from boot camp. I am very proud of my achievement and I hope I will be able to share more with the Seton Online Community soon.