Maxene Completes Her Classical Ballet Exam

Maxene Completes Her Classical Ballet Exam

Maxene has been long been fascinated by ballet and ballerinas. She loves to dance her heart out and how doing her routines helps her discipline her body.

This is what she shared with us, “I started primary ballet when I was 4 years old. I was fascinated with the Ballerinas I saw on television. I stopped for a year because I got interested in doing Arts but then decided to continue with ballet. I love how it helps me to dance my heart out and to discipline my body by doing the routines. I know it will still be a long way, but I am determined to do it and do it with love and passion.

In February, I took my Classical Intro to Grade 1 Ballet Exam. I am a student of IAID, but the exam was conducted and recognized by the British Theatre Dance Association.

I like homeschooling because it helps me to focus and gives me enough time to practice my steps.

I love to draw landscapes that God made, doing ballet, building Lego blocks, and playing with my sister. And I am inspired to do arts and ballet because I want to be an architect and a professional ballerina.

My favorite subjects are Bible Reading because I learned a lot about the Old and New Testaments. Also, English, because I enjoy Sentence Diagramming and Verbs and science because I love learning about living things.”