Sofia Soars with Sisters of Hawaii Video

Sofia Soars with Sisters of Hawaii Video

I realized that most of my peers had never met religious sisters, and I wanted to change this. I originally wanted to plan a “fair” or a meet and greet, but the Covid restrictions in Hawaii prevented this. So, I made a video about women’s religious orders in Hawaii.

Discovering the Beauty of Hawaii’s Sisters

With the help of a videographer I hired through fundraising, I videoed five orders of sisters, interviewed them about their order and history, and captured glimpses into their everyday lives. I included some of our younger AHG girls in the video. Our Bishop, Bishop Larry Silva, also agreed to be in it to help me.

Please watch it here on youtube: “Discovering the Beauty of Hawaii’s Sisters”

American Heritage Girls recognized me with their highest achievement: the Stars and Stripes Award for this video.

Being homeschooled, my family had the opportunity to visit many of the different sisters here in Hawaii and get to know them well. If I were in school, even Catholic school, I wouldn’t have had this opportunity, and I feel so blessed for it. I pray that I can inspire families to make the effort to get to know our religious orders.

My interests include playing the violin and piano and singing opera. I also enjoy going to the beach and hiking.

One of my favorite subjects is history. I love learning about the past and discussing it with whomever I find.

I am looking forward to learning more about flying airplanes and being a pilot. I am also open to what else God is calling me to do.

The photo was taken at The Pacific Aviation Flight School. One of the instructors took me up for a fun complimentary flight in their brand-new plane!!! It was so exciting, and now, I am hooked.