Xiannel Discovers Flag Football

Xiannel Discovers Flag Football

Homeschooling has given Xiannel the time and opportunity to discover and try out new things such as attending a flag football training camp and participating in his first-ever league game.

“This past July, I participated in the Cebu Rookie Cup (Flag Football) under the team Centaurs and won 1 out of 3 matches.

The Cebu Rookie Cup was organized by Warriors Flag Football Club – Vibora Warriors X South Skills.

My interests include volunteering at youth organizations, studying languages in my free time, playing flag football, and taking boxing lessons.

I’m inspired to try out lots of things and experience what life has to offer to me. I want to equip myself with sets of skills and knowledge that will help me grow as an individual.

My favorite subject is Mathematics because I enjoy solving problems and I love that feeling when an equation clicks and everything makes sense.”

The photo was taken at Cebu City Sports Center (Abellana) Cebu City, Philippines last July 17, 2022.