Benjamin Composes CD of Music ‘Songs of Nature’

Benjamin Composes CD of Music ‘Songs of Nature’

Hi! My name is Benjamin, I am a freelance Artist and Composer of Neo-Classical Music. With God’s help, I have been composing music and creating artwork since the age of six. At age 14, I created a CD called “Essence of Peace” for fun.

Then at age 16, I began “Songs of Nature” CD which was completed, copy written, and published by 2013. Currently, I use an electric keyboard, piano, bowed psaltery, and midi programs on the computer to orchestrate my soundtracks.

Homeschooling with Seton has helped me achieve my goal of pursuing my dreams due to the flexibility of my schedule. I can weave my music and art in between my subjects as the mood strikes me. Also, while writing one of Seton’s Impressionistic Essays, I was inspired to create the song, “The Ocean Canon”, which is on the “Songs of Nature” CD.

I am very grateful to Seton for the opportunity to share my music and artwork with fellow homeschooling students.

‘Songs of Nature’ is available for sale through Seton Educational Media.