Elodie Wins 3rd Place with Unit in Drill Competition

Elodie Wins 3rd Place with Unit in Drill Competition

In January, my Sea Cadet unit won the District Drill Competition and we got through to Area.

What is a ‘Drill Competition’? Well, it’s marching! There are different types of categories you can enter as a squad, including: Unarmed Squad, (squad without rifles). Armed Guard, (squad with rifles that are de-activated). And Continuity Drill, (marching to a pop song with a beat!)

What organization recognized the achievement?

I entered the Armed Guard, as I love doing it! I was asked to be commander because I have a very loud voice which is good for commanding squads. In the district competition, no one was competing against us in the Armed Guard, so we went straight through to Area.

Unfortunately, at Area we didn’t come runner-up or the winner, so we didn’t make it to Nationals.

(My Area consists of about 52 units- which is a LOT!)

How did homeschooling help you achieve your goal?

Home-schooling makes the achievement feel more special because in England, not many people home-school. It makes the whole thing feel amazing because how many other people at the competition are home-schooled?!What are your interests?

My interests are Sea Cadets, trampolining, tap dancing, modern dancing, ballet (of course!), and writing books.

What are you inspired to do with your life?

 I plan to be an author when I grow up!

What are your favorite subjects and why?

My favourite subjects are history and science.
I was invited to do a first professional ballet exam: inter foundation.

It also gives me yuccas points for a university!

My other interests are ballet, tap dancing, trampolining, archery and story-writing.