Martin Awarded 4 Year NROTC Scholarship for Naval Science Courses

Martin Awarded 4 Year NROTC Scholarship for Naval Science Courses

I am a currently a senior with Seton and also dual enroll at a community college.

I have been awarded a 4-year NROTC Scholarship, this is a full scholarship placed at an approved college of my preference. In addition to my academics I will be trained in Naval Science courses and military related drills and exercise. Upon graduating college I will be commissioned as a Naval Officer.

I personally believe that without Seton’s help and flexible curriculum, I would not be where I am today. Seton’s flexibility with academics has permitted me to participate in numerous extracurricular, volunteer, athletic, and leadership activities and also grow in my faith as a young Catholic.

In addition to this, with Seton’s wonderful encouragement of dual enrollment, I will have twenty-five college credit hours completed when I graduate this May. Furthermore, I was able to take more courses throughout the summers and will graduate High School a year early, I think this may be becoming a trend with Seton students.

Finally, no matter where I was, there was always someone there to contact for help with almost anything you can think of. I am truly proud and honored to call myself a homeschooled Seton student and would encourage any family to look into it because Seton truly can make any students dreams come to life.

I plan to study Petroleum Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin and serve as a Nuclear Surface Warfare Officer when I become an Naval Officer after college.