3 Seton Students Win 3rd Place in Qatar National Robot Olympiad

3 Seton Students Win 3rd Place in Qatar National Robot Olympiad

Arcelio, Jonathan, Faustine Angeli, and Arold De Los Reyes (father) won 3rd Place in Qatar National Robot Olympiad, November 25-26, 2016.

Qatar National Robotics Olympiad is an annual competition of elementary to senior high school students from different international schools here in Qatar using Lego Education. It was sponsored by Maersk Oil, hosted by College of the North Atlantic Qatar, supported and endorsed by Qatar Petroleum and Supreme Education Council.

Open Category

The theme this year for the Open Category competition is ‘Rap the Scrap’! The details of the open category scoring rubric are available under the ‘Challenges’ link. The age groups for Open Category are Elementary, Middle School, and High School. Students are expected to come up with innovative solutions using robotics technology to reduce, manage and recycle waste.

Regular Category

The Regular Category competitions also follow the ‘Rap the Scrap’ recycling theme, with challenges for ‘Clean Road to School’, ‘Waste Sorting’, and ‘Recycling Plant’. The age groups for the Regular Category are Elementary, Middle School, High School, and University level.

3 Seton Students Win 3rd Place in Qatar National Robot Olympiad

GenII Football

In this exciting category, each team fielded two robots, a forward and a goal tender. The football is a special part that emits infrared light in all directions, and the robots are equipped with an IRSeeker sensor and a Compass sensor, allowing them to detect the ball and aim in the direction of the opposing goal.

We joined in Regular Category Senior High School Level. During that time we had experienced some challenges. Our team was included in Independent Team because they were homeschooled and not based in Qatar.

Another thing was we were not given free Lego kit because again “they are homeschooled” so we bought our own Lego kit which is so expensive for us and beyond our budget! Anyway, this did not disappoint us to quit in the competition, with God’s grace they reached to quarter finals, then to semifinal rounds!

They won 3rd Place last November 26, 2016 at Aspire Dome Qatar.

Homeschool gives us the time to practice our robots daily every night at our own pace. It also give us opportunity to learn about Catholic Faith which help us to achieve appropriate values and right attitude during completion and camaraderie. Legos, computer designs and programming are their interests which inspired them to become engineers someday.

Their favorite subjects are Math, Science and Religion. Homeschooling gives us the best quality time in learning and education.