Philomena is Finalist in Highschool Essay Contest, & Wins $1000 Scholarship

Philomena is Finalist in Highschool Essay Contest, & Wins $1000 Scholarship

I was a finalist for the University of New England’s College of Arts and Sciences Highschool Essay Contest, and the winner of a $1000 scholarship, plus a $100 book scholarship to their school! I wrote an essay based on the prompt “Fifty years from now, what will be the legacy of the Millennial Generation?”.

As so much shade gets thrown at our generation, I took it up on my self to show the this generation is far from the “me-me-me” generation which so many news outlets make us out to be.

The University of New England is well known for their programs in marine science, which is something I’m seriously considering as a career. As of now, they are one of my top choice schools.

Being homeschooled helped me get to this goal mainly by giving me a strong background in writing and researching. It also has helped me work majorly on my own.

Besides marine Biology, I love most things creative like writing, drawing, and painting. I also have a strong interest in computer science and website design, and have been coding my own webpages since I was 11.

With my life I dream of becoming a marine biologist and helping with the protection and conservation of the ocean, as well as more knowledge about it an its inhabitants which we are lacking. I want to be able to help and make a difference in the world in any way that I can.

My favorite subjects are Math and Science related ones. I also took two six-week courses at a local homeschool co-op about Philosophy and Marine Biology, both of which I love.