Elodie and Lucia – Royal Marines Cadets

Elodie and Lucia – Royal Marines Cadets

What did you do?

We attended a cadet advancement board, along with 56 other Royal Marines Cadets. It is a long, tough weekend of full on examination in five different areas of cadet knowledge. It includes a long day in the field, being assessed on map reading, field craft, and weapons handling (NOTE: Cadets are taught the safety with rifles with fully qualified instructors.

Cadets are under supervision at all times, and do not shoot live rounds.) And then the final two areas of drill and general knowledge are assessed back at the camp.

As it is a tough weekend being tested on the cadets’ abilities to be a leader, it is hard but rewarding to pass.

Lucia, my 14 year old sister passed her Marine Cadet First Class advancement board in the top five percent, skipping the intended rank and becoming a Lance Corporal, after having only been a Marines cadet for two months!

I passed my Corporals board, leaving the rank of Lance Corporal and becoming a Corporal, scoring the second highest on the advancement board!

What organization recognized the achievement?

The organisation that recognised this, was Royal Marines Cadets: X-Ray Company. The UK is split into six different areas, and our area is the largest; from St. Albans to Scarborough: X-Ray Coy.

How did homeschooling help you achieve your goal?

Homeschooling helped us achieve this goal, by being able to revise in our spare time at home. I was also able to plan out my lecturette (mini lesson) more thoroughly with this flexible time.

What are your interests?

Lucia’s interests are writing poetry, sculpting, playing the piano, reading, hanging out with her guinea pigs, dancing ballet, tap, modern and jazz, and of course being a Royal Marines Cadet!

My interests are writing stories, photography, cooking -not baking!, dancing ballet, tap, modern and jazz, hanging out with my grandmother’s dog whenever I can, looking after children for my work as well as my younger cousins and siblings, and being a Royal Marines Cadet!

What are you inspired to do with your life?

When Lucia is older, she would like to work for the RSPCA, as well as having published books on her poetry.

When I am older, I am looking to be a published author and either a professional dancer, or in the military- perhaps in the Royal Marines, if they finalise the decision to allow women to join! -Oh, and I’d like to have at least five dogs!

What are your favorite subjects and why?

Lucia’s favourite subjects is religion.

My favourite subjects are history, English, physics and Health and Nutrition.