Henry Brings New Life to Old Consoles

Henry Brings New Life to Old Consoles

Submitted by Mary Casterline about Henry Casterline.

Hi there! This is my younger brother, Henry. His hobbies are lawn mowing, caring for your animals, and fixing up old game consoles.
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Henry is known around our small town for having the best “old” consoles collection. He has also been recognized for his wild imagination and ability to fix them quickly.

No organization has recognized Henry for his great ability to revive & collect old consoles, but I can attest to his extraordinary success on both counts.

Homeschooling has helped Henry by letting him have a source of freedom. Instead of going to school for 6 hours, he has used his time wisely by making a source of income from his special interests. Henry is 17 and has worked on over 30 different consoles.

Henry is inspired to be a stay-at-home husband and continue working on consoles. As well as go to college to learn networking and continue his education elsewhere. He is currently in 10th grade.

Henry’s interests are lawn mowing and console reviving and his favorite subjects are computer science and biology.

The photo was taken at our home.