Jacqueline Earns Appointment to USAF Academy

Jacqueline Earns Appointment to USAF Academy

What did you do?

I received an appointment to the United States Air Force Academy.

As an appointee, I have earned a rare opportunity to participate in one of this country’s finest officer training programs. This year, out of the 9,700 applicants, only about 1,200 will be awarded an appointment.

As a cadet, I will receive a college education completely paid for by the U.S. government while committing after graduation to a minimum of eight years of service.

Until the summer before my junior year of high school, I had no interest in applying to the Academy. However, attending an admissions briefing at USAFA changed my mind. I realized that USAFA would offer me the best possible preparation for a future as a commissioned officer, and I decided to start my application.

How did homeschooling help you achieve your goal?

Because an application to a service academy is incredibly time consuming, the flexibility of homeschooling gave me more time to work on my application. Also, one of the major requirements to get into an academy is significant community service/leadership, and being homeschooled helped me pursue these on my schedule.

Tell us about yourself

I am from Virginia and have been with Seton since kindergarten. As an appointee to the Academy, I am yet another Seton student who can testify that our curriculum is competitive against the top students in this country. Some of the things I love to do are hiking, fishing, running, hanging out with friends, cooking, and reading books. I like nonfiction, particularly WWII era stuff.

What are you inspired to do with your life?

After the Academy, I hope to qualify for a pilot slot. As of now, I want to fly fighters.

The picture was taken at one of USAFA’s recruiting programs right before my senior year. That’s me, standing fourth from the left. I’m the girl in the hoodie.