Rylee Earns 4th-degree Black Belt from Tiger Rock Taekwondo

Rylee Earns 4th-degree Black Belt from Tiger Rock Taekwondo

My name is Rylee Fessler and I earned my 4th-degree black belt in Taekwondo with the Tiger-Rock Taekwondo this Summer. I am the first female 13-year-old 4th degree in my academy’s history! I tested for my 4th degree at the World Tournament in San Antonio Texas and also competed in the tournament earning a Bronze Medal in the Master’s Invitation Ring as well as a Gold Medal in board breaking.

Homeschooling has allowed me to train more often because I set my own school hours. It has also allowed me to volunteer my time helping train young martial artists new to the sport.

Other than Taekwondo, I like to spend my time competing in Irish Dance, volunteering at my church, baking, and reading.

I want to use my talents to serve God! I may teach children in either Taekwondo or Irish Dancing, become a Baker, or serve in the Armed Forces but wherever I land I hope others can see Christ’s love for them in me.

History is my favorite subject because we can learn so much from those that came before us.

The photo was taken at the Tiger-Rock World Tournament, San Antonio, July 2021.