Virginia Accepted to Clemson Agricultural Program

Virginia Accepted to Clemson Agricultural Program

From a field of over 200 applicants, Virginia was one of 30 students accepted to the South Carolina Commissioners School for Agriculture summer program. The challenging application process required many recommendations, an essay, school merit, and a student-made video.

“Homeschooling helped me achieve this goal by allowing me to have a flexible schedule and go to 4-H vet programs, 4-H horse programs, be a volunteer at Clemson’s Agricultural museum, and also be a Jr. Naturalist at Clemson’s Botanical Gardens.

The SCCSA wanted students who have been involved in agricultural programs so I was very grateful that homeschooling allowed me these opportunities.

Most importantly, homeschooling has allowed me to receive the best education I could ever dream of, so my GPA helped me stand out among the other applicants. The SCCSA made it very clear in their letter that my ‘acceptance is evidence of your scholastic efforts.’ I am so grateful that I have been homeschooled. :)”

Asked about her interests and favorite subjects, Virginia said, “I am interested in pursuing the Veterinary sciences as my major. My other interests include art, piano, and golf.”

Virginia added, “My favorite subjects are science, specifically Biology, as well as math, and history. I really enjoy Biology because I find it fascinating to learn about God’s creation. I like math because I enjoy the challenge of figuring out the problems. I also like learning about history because there is always something to learn as well as see how some of history repeats itself – it is fascinating.”