Angelia Recognized by Knights of Columbus for Altar Service

Angelia Recognized by Knights of Columbus for Altar Service

I started altar serving in the 4th grade and have felt called to do it ever since.

For the last 2 years every Friday during Lent I have sacrificed my weekend night to help serve at the fish fry followed by dedicating my time as sole altar server for stations of the cross.

This has not only taught me to sacrifice my time; but time management skills to clean up quickly and head over to the church in time to grab my alb because I know everyone is counting on my service.

Even though I know I am only required to serve on Sunday at Mass, I enjoy doing stations of the cross each Friday because I like feeling needed by others.

What organization recognized the achievement?

I was recognized by The Knights of Columbus and given the Selfless-Server Award for my commitment and dedication. I was honored to be 1 of only 4 people chosen out of 162 servers. It felt great!

How did homeschooling help you achieve your goal?

If it weren’t for the flexible scheduling in homeschool, I wouldn’t be able to help The Men’s Club, St. Vincent DePaul and The Knight’s of Columbus joint efforts each week during Lent to set up for the fish-fry. While most kids are in school Iam helping out in the kitchen with cook and prep needs early in the day.

This has also helped me to stay motivated and focused to get my work done in a timely fashion without my parents having to force me to do my work. I look forward to getting my work done early on Fridays because I know that means getting to help at church as soon as I’m done.

What are your interests?

My interest are saving the babies at our local abortion mill, anything with the church (usher, altar server, sacristan, etc.) Archery, & horseback riding.

What are you inspired to do with your life?

To be a prolife Missionary and licensed and certified nurses midwife to assist those in 3rd world countries.

What are your favorite subjects and why?

Math because I’m good at it!