Kira Wins 1st Place State Title in Female Youth Compound Freestyle division

Kira Wins 1st Place State Title in Female Youth Compound Freestyle division

On August 1-2, 2015, I competed in the state outdoor FITA archery tournament and won the 1st place state title in the Female Youth Compound Freestyle division. My achievement was recognized by the Alaska State Archery Association.

In this photo, I am in Wasilla, Alaska at the 2015 FITA archery tournament.

How did homeschooling help you achieve your goal:

My flexible homeschooling schedule allows me to shoot my bow daily and enjoy longer practice times at the indoor range as well as outdoors. I was able to increase my mental focus and physical strength to be able to consistently make the shots, especially the longer distance ones.

There is a lot of math, science, meteorology, and physics involved in archery so my knowledge in those subject areas increases and I get to combine my love for the sport of archery with these particular academic areas through my homeschooling which makes learning even more fun for me. And, with homeschooling, I am able to sanctify my sport by learning about the many saints and martyrs in our faith.

The martyr St. Sebastian is my patron saint for archery and I pray for his intercession whenever I shoot.

What are your interests?

Besides archery, I enjoy reading and playing the piano. I really love owls, too, so I’m interested in ornithology.

What are you inspired to do with your life?

I want to win the World Cup in archery. I would like to become an ornithologist and care for God’s birds.

What are your favorite subjects?

My favorite subjects are science, history, and P.E.