Hicks Family Enters Ducks & Chickens in Fall Fair

Hicks Family Enters Ducks & Chickens in Fall Fair

What did you do?


Kyle (13), Arianna (10), Maria (8), Rebekah (7), Theodore (5), and George (2) Hicks entered our ducks and chickens at the Fall Fair.

Kyle won first for his chickens King Arthur and Sir Lancelot and first for his duck Mango, Maria came third for her duck Toad and third for her hen “Maria”, Rebekah came second for her duck Pebbles and second for her hen Rose, and George came third for his rooster Robin Hood; and all the children had lots of fun!

What organization recognized the achievement?

Fall Fair

How did homeschooling help you achieve your goal?


Enabled us to have time to take care of and learn about our animals and pets. Reading helped us to think up some of our pets’ names!

What are your interests?

All of the Hicks children enjoy swimming, skating, reading, biking, playing outside, having fun on our small farm.

What are you inspired to do with your life?


Kyle: I want to be a hunter and live out in the wilderness.
Arianna: I would like to be a farmer.
Maria: Go to a place where it has jungles and see the animals in the jungles.
Rebekah: I would like to take care of animals when I am older.
Theodore and George: We want to be worker men.

What are your favorite subjects and why?

Kyle: I like Art and Religion. Art is fun to look at the paintings, and Religion is fun to learn about everything.
Arianna: English and Religion because they’re fun.

FairMaria: I like Phonics because it is easy.
Rebekah: Doing my Math because it’s fun.
Theodore & George: We love to work and play blocks and trains. Theodore likes coloring in his Kindergarten books.

The photo was taken at the Fall Fair