Isabelle Recognized for Community Service

Isabelle Recognized for Community Service

I was recognized by LeadersNow for completing 184 hours of community service this year.

LeadersNow International is an organization that provides formation in authentic leadership to young women in middle school, high school, and college. Membership in the organization provides young women with formation in character, leadership, professional presentation, and service to others. The mission of LeadersNow International is to promote the dignity and integrity of young women.

The organization was established to help young women develop their character, present themselves in a positive manner, and recognize that authentic leadership requires a gift of self to others and the community. You can find out more about LeadersNow here.

How did homeschooling help you achieve your goal?

The flexibility of homeschooling allowed me to sometimes volunteer during regular school hours instead of just the weekends and evenings.

What are your interests?

I love to bake, sew, and play ultimate frisbee.

What are you inspired to do with your life?

I want to be a wife and a homeschooling mother.

What are your favorite subjects and why?

I like English because I enjoy the material.

The photo was taken at St. Emma Monastery, where our meetings are held.