Practice and Prayer Key to Feis Wins for Clara

Practice and Prayer Key to Feis Wins for Clara

I won first and second-place at my feis (Irish dance competition).

I started dancing when I was four. The competitive aspect is challenging and intense but reaching my placement goals is always very rewarding.

It’s exciting to see all of my hard work pay off. Irish dancing also keeps me very focused and it also helps keep me confident and healthy. We also have a lot of fun traveling and doing shows.

I dance for McDade-Cara School of Irish Dance in Pennsylvania which is governed by the Mid-Atlantic Region (MAR) and part of the Irish Dance Teacher’s Association of North America (IDTANA). This feis was in the Southern Region.

Homeschooling helps me have the flexibility of adding extra practice time especially when I have to travel for a feis. It helps me in achieving my competitive goals by strengthening my faith in God that He is always with me helping me while I practice and compete. My prayer life is a big part of my dancing.

I also enjoy riding horses, teaching, gardening, art, taking care of livestock, and singing at Mass.

I’m inspired to be a pediatric psychiatrist and someday I’d like to have my own farm and to focus on having a horse rescue. I’d like to be married and have a large family someday too.

My favorite subjects are Bible History because it’s fascinating to learn about our Judeo-Christian roots and Art.

The photo was taken in the Southern Region at the Carolina State Championships and Feis and Walsh Kelley School Feis.