Vincent Covers Trial for Grand Enclave Bugle

Vincent Covers Trial for Grand Enclave Bugle

Vincent spent the first two weeks of September 2023 attending the impeachment trial of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton.

Vincent’s dad was an AG’s defense team member and brought him to the Capitol each morning, where Vincent (and usually his younger brother Becket) joined him in the public gallery.

Vincent took notes, discussed the case with friends and family, and was interviewed by two press members.

His records were used to create a special edition of his neighborhood newspaper, The Grand Enclave Bugle, which he delivered to subscribers the following weekend.

It was a great experience, seeing the whole trial process, including the Texas state Senate’s processes for swearing in, voting on motions, and carrying out all the usual ceremonies for a historic event of this type.

The photo is from KUT News in Austin, Texas.