Seton: It’s About Building Better Families

“Prayer life is so important for our families and for Seton itself. That’s why we pray every day,” said Dr.Clark, noting that they offer up the Angelus for the intentions of families who are enrolled in Seton.

This Catholic atmosphere is infused into Seton’s curriculum. Stories about “Catholic family life” are incorporated into textbooks whenever possible. For example, a Seton student might read about a Catholic family going to hear a Bishop speak at a Confirmation in his or her vocabulary book.

“These events are a part of [the Catholic family’s] everyday experience, and we back that up with our textbooks,” said Dr. Clark. “I think it helps the Catholic family to have that kind of support—not only for their faith, but also the kind of life they want to lead as a family.”

Seton has deviated from what has become the norm in Catholic education by striving to make every textbook Catholic. This makes a “huge difference” in a student’s formation, according to Dr. Clark.

Tuition for Seton Home Study is a fraction of the cost of many Catholic schools. The cost corresponds with grade level, with the families of kindergarten students annually paying about $230 and the families of high school students spending just more than $700, which includes enrollment and all of the books needed for the year. There are also discounts for families with multiple children in the program.

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