Catherine Awarded Msgr Bukowski Honor Scholarship

Catherine Awarded Msgr Bukowski Honor Scholarship

Catherine was awarded the Monsignor Bukowski Honor Scholarship in honor of academic achievement and leadership.

The Monseigneur Bukowski Award is an honors scholarship presented to those with exceptional academic achievements and leadership. Seton has definitely been a strong foundation for my academic achievements, and I am so grateful for all the assistance Seton offers whenever I have a question or concern about anything concerning academics.

As for leadership, Seton was also a beneficial aspect in my leadership, for as I grew in my academic knowledge, I found the ability to be courageous. I was inspired to be humbly confident in my knowledge, and I am very proud to say that I could not have done it without the wonderful homeschool experience I have been given all my life.

Some of My Interests

I deeply enjoy playing music, and I play violin in the Philharmonic orchestra at St. Cecelia’s Music center, as well as teach violin lessons, and play cello and guitar at a recreational level.

I teach ballet (for three years) and at our family owned dance academy, which I co-founded with my sister, and have been dancing since I was three years old.

I have also taken Tae Kwon Do and was awarded my brown belt a few years ago. I am also an avid artist, finding great joy in my sketchbook and pencil (even if it is a mechanical one, I still love it!) I am involved in a drama class and am currently playing Blanche Ingram in the production “Jane Eyre” and am very excited about that.

I love to be with friends, and I pray that I may always be pleasing to the Lord in everything that I set out to do.

Top 3 Reasons Why I Love Homeschooling

There are many many examples which could express my love for homeschooling, but I will attempt to limit it to the top three! First, I love homeschooling because, unlike many 17 year old seniors in high school, I have the time to cook dinner with my younger siblings on a Thursday night, or take a break in the middle of the day to practice my instrument. Of course, I have to work hard in order to maintain an academic schedule that I will not fall behind in (due to my inconsistent breaks,) but the hard work is extremely worth it. For I get to spend much more time with my family than a regular high schooler might, thanks to the fact that I am homeschooled.

Secondly, I love being home schooled because I am given the great blessing of a safe atmosphere, and an encouraging environment to work in. I do not have to worry constantly about bullying, or about people who will criticize me for my religion or beliefs. Although (thanks to Seton’s wonderful Religion Courses) I feel very equipped to defend my faith and my beliefs if and when I am questioned, I have the luxury of working in an environment that does not confront me with ridicule or bullying daily.

Lastly, I love being homeschooled because I am given the opportunity to expand my horizons in a very unique and particular way. First, I am presented daily with the opportunity to problem solve, (especially during exam week!). For, although sometimes it gets very difficult to hold myself accountable to the syllabus, I can benefit from having to be more responsible in the long run. I have been able to learn the valuable lesson of time management and responsibility and through this, I feel incredibly prepared for college, and for life as a whole, since I have been given this opportunity to learn these valuable lessons in my homeschooling years.

Favorite Subject

My favorite subject is definitely Religion, because every time I sit down to read, or answers the questions, I am overwhelmed with the amount of knowledge each lesson offers me. I am so happy to learn as much as I can about the Catholic Church, the Catechism, and the Lord, and Seton offers such a well written and understandable course for this subject, which makes learning Religion that much more of an enjoyable experience.

Throughout my experience with Seton, I have learned that doing a good job in school not only means happy parents, but it means that I have been given the opportunity to benefit myself, and since no one else can do it for me, I might as well do the very best job I possibly can. My homeschool education has been a wonderful gift to me, and I hope to show my gratefulness to my parents, to Seton, and to God by working hard, being responsible and trustworthy, and lastly to take away from my education all the knowledge I can possibly retain!

I am happy to learn, and I am blessed to have such a safe and encouraging environment to work in. I am very excited about my future, and look forward to going to college to, Lord willing, receive a degree in art (specifically graphic design) and perhaps a minor in music/teaching. The Lord will lead, and I hope to follow wherever I see His Light shining.