Mary and Esther Dance for His Glory

Mary and Esther Dance for His Glory

Mary (in blue) and Esther (in white) have been learning dance for over six years. They have participated in ballet, tap, modern dance, and drama. The yearly production of The Promised One tells the story of God’s love for us from Creation through the life of Jesus. This year’s adaptation of The Three Trees was a beautiful first.

Homeschooling has allowed the girls to devote more time to learning to dance for His glory. Wonderfully that is the name of the studio, Dance to Glory.

Mary is a freshman. She enjoys drawing and reading. Her favorite subject is Science. She is currently studying Spanish and Japanese and hopes to learn more languages.

Esther is starting 7th grade. Her favorite subject is History. She loves to sing, read, and bake.

The photo was taken at the dress rehearsal for The Three Trees at a church in Buda, Texas.